Baptism is a sacrament which has been used from the earliest days of Christianity as the rite of Christian initiation. Baptism means cleansing (washing away of sin by the Holy Spirit); new life (the death of the sin nature and the resurrection of a new Christ-like nature); and family entrance (our being joined to the Church and the Family of God). Babies and adults may be baptized. In adults, baptism symbolizes the work of God's saving grace. However, God's love begins working in us long before we decide to follow him, preparing us for the day when we confess Christ as our savior. This is preparing love, which we celebrate in the baptism of babies. 

Before a child is baptized, parents are asked to attend a Sunday morning "baptism class,"  The Meaning and Significance of Baptism.

Non-Member Charges for Baptism  $200 Including the baptism class