Memorial and Funeral Services

Death and resurrection inclines most families to celebrate the life of their loved one and could include Family Hour or Wake, Memorial Service, Funeral Service, and or graveside Committal Service. 

The Funeral Service usually has the body present, where a Memorial Service does not.  In either case people attending honestly face death and bereavement, while also celebrating the gospel of resurrection in the context of God’s Baptismal Covenant. 

A Funeral Service may be performed at the Church or at a Funeral Home, and if desired, a graveside Committal Service may follow.  If desired, the family may hold a Collation at the church following the service. 

Member Charges
Sanctuary: Free
Honorarium to the pastor: Free
Organist: $200*
Custodian: Free
Collation in Fellowship Hall: Free


Non-Member Charges
Sanctuary: $200
Pastor: $200
Organist: $200*
Custodian: $75
Collation in Fellowship Hall: $250