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Christmas 2020

     Christmas Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord – The One who is the Source of “Joy to the World.”  May the Joy of the Lord fill your heart as you celebrate that “the Lord is Come . . .  Let earth receive her King . . . let every heart prepare Him room . . .”  Are You “making room” for the Lord Jesus to live in your heart and life ?  I want to encourage you to remember to keep Christ FIRST, in all you do and say, while you are going through your Christmas activities. This can be a Holy Day, instead of simply a holiday !

     It is important to remember that great ministry opportunities exist at this time of year . . . as many people are struggling with personal and family problems, health concerns, perhaps some depression or loneliness, facing some great need in their life and feeling like nobody really cares . . .  You and I can be the ones who DO really care and take time to listen and pray.

      Join us for the Christmas Eve service at 6:30 p.m.  Our Christmas Eve theme this year will be : “Jesus – The Light of The World”  Jesus – the Messiah, the Savior – came as The Light into the darkness and stress and pain of the world, our world. That world then, just like our world now, including our lives, needs The Light to illuminate, clarify, guide, and heal. Christ’s coming brings that ultimate light and His peace, joy, and all-consuming love. Those are the true gifts of Christmas.

     Be sure to invite a friend! This is one of the greatest times of the year to invite someone to attend ZOOM church with you, so . . . ask the Lord to help you think of a few people right now to invite … so that they too can hear the message of Christ at Christmas! Please call the church office for the ZOOM information.

In Christian Love,              

Pastor Mike