Our Heritage

In 1793, a Methodist Society was formed in Portsmouth under the direction of Rev. Lemuel Smith, an early circuit rider.  They met at the home of Matthew Cooke which was located under the present day Mount Hope Bridge.  This first house of worship was dedicated by two famous early church leaders, Bishop Francis Asbury and Rev. Jesse Lee.

Though the small congregation was composed primarily of farmers and fishermen, struggle and hardship did not prevent the society from growing.  In 1795, the members purchased a home on Turnpike Avenue.  They used this house of worship for over 40 years until they began to outgrow it.

In 1838, the congregation purchased a lot in the middle of the developing town for the sum of $102.50.  The new church was constructed for a cost of $2020.00 and was dedicated on December 25th the same year.

The Ladies Benevolent Society was formed in the 1870’s, and they immediately paid off all debt.  Because of their continuing efforts, the Parish House was built in 1921.  The third and final phase of construction connected the 1838 sanctuary to the Parish House in 1969.

Today we are part of a dynamic congregation with members from every age group and all walks of life.  Because of the commitment of our members, we were able to pave and expand the parking lot in 2005 and renovated the Youth Group room in 2007.  Through our worship, our fellowship, our prayers and our service we strive to expand God’s earthly kingdom.