God’s Community Garden

GOD’S COMMUNITY GARDEN, originally known as the Methodist Community Gardens, has grown and given away 20 tons (40,000 lbs) of vegetables and herbs to our neighbors in need over the past ten years and provided programs that benefit all through education, mentoring and volunteering. There is no restriction as to religion, race or ethnicity. The garden also grows and distributes more than 200 vases of flowers per year, to all local nursing homes and shut-ins. We strive to provide a safe, beautiful and well equipped garden facility. The garden has been in existence since 1996 under the leadership of retired Bishop Dale White and in 2008 after working in the garden as a volunteer Linda Wood took over as coordinator. For information on volunteering at the garden and for information on the weekly farm stands go to local missions


2021 Year to date total harvest is 1,795.5 lbs.

The vegetables and herbs are being given out at the farm stands at St. Paul’s UMC in Newport and Calvary UMC in Middletown. 

Extra produce is brought to the Salvation Army and St. John’s Food Bank.


Letter from a volunteer – June 2020:

Growing God’s Church through Gardening

If you have ever volunteered in God’s Garden outside our church, you are truly blessed.

If I had not taken the opportunity to work in the garden this past year, I would have missed many blessings and opportunities to serve others through this wonderful ministry.  Being here with my family for just a year while my son-in-law was at the War College, I didn’t have much time to get involved.  But God led me to Calvary Church and to God’s Garden.

I’m no master gardener, but I do love playing in the dirt.  I love being outdoors and  watching things grow and the seasons change.  I love the meditation of gardening, the spiritual discipline of gardening, of losing myself in the goodness of hard work, of using all my senses to watch, listen, smell, feel and taste God’s goodness in the food He grows through the use our hands and feet.

I love doing all this with the purpose of feeding God’s children in need and sharing His love in this way.  During this Covid-19 experience, we’ve seen firsthand the importance of those “essential” workers, not only on the front lines in hospitals but of those helping to feed all of us during this time of shut down— the grocery store workers, the take-out restaurants, the farmers and truckers—and even God’s Garden, helping to feed those in need locally.

I’ve learned a lot about gardening this year.  And I’ve met the most amazing ladies—awesome gardeners, incredibly strong, kind and welcoming, they support one another as they work tirelessly to minister to others in this way.  It’s not easy dealing with weather extremes and aching joints but they keep showing up and being faithful.  They’ve taught me a lot just by watching them.

As I am weeding, digging, planting, or picking, I am in  awe of God’s  goodness and His provision for us, how He miraculously makes things grow, and how He grows us as we participate with Him in whatever He’s doing in the world.

During this past year, I’ve also been reading Inner Gardening by Diane Dreher.  It’s a wonderful book about gardening through the seasons, but it’s also a book about tending the garden of our inner selves and souls throughout the seasons of life.  It’s a book any gardener or wannabe gardener would love.

My year here in Newport and Middletown was cut short by this hideous virus and soon I’ll be off to the desert of New Mexico.  But I loved every moment of worshiping with God’s people at Calvary UMC, and every moment of working in God’s Garden with these lovely ladies, and I just want to give thanks for all of you and your ministry to me with your welcoming presence.  You have blessed me for a lifetime and I give God thanks for my short time with you.  God bless you in the days and years to come, as you continue to welcome and minister to those who come for a chapter or a lifetime.

~Love and prayers, Cindy


God’s Community Garden, we believe, is run by faith. This amazing garden is “GOD’S WORK OUR HANDS” It is filled with so much love and dedication and it just keeps on GIVING. We are blessed with donations and grants.

Our plans just evolve. If we need something done, volunteers, students, school groups are here whenever we ask. Funding is always provided and the production just keeps on growing. When we need more, the opportunities arise. Then become a reality. We are always trying to find new ideas to make our garden special.

Most grants are given to the garden for specific projects not for operational use.  Since God’s Community Garden is operating year round it becomes harder for us to receive these funds that we are dependent on. We have no operating capital for our everyday programs, repairs, improvements or expansions unless we write in for a grant or ask for donations which is not always the right time to do so. We are running our garden from hand to mouth so to speak. Everything we produce is given away so we have no return of our investment for another year. Our garden is operated only with the funds that we receive. Although it is always a challenge it is not as important as the people we serve. We will keep the faith and everything will be done.